• Analysis and possible countermeasures to tax and revenue issues, including their respective troubleshooting and updates.
  • Submission and support in filing private individuals, self employed and company taxes (Personal Tax Return, Corporte Tax, VAT Forms, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains, Non Residente Tax…)
  • Detailed study of your company/business tax situation, in order to determine the most beneficial taxation model and to inform on all possible tax deductions and benefits that can be applied.
  • Inspections, requirements and postponements
  • Appeals and litigation.
  • Double taxation agreements.
  • Non resident tax
  • Non resident inheritance tax

We study each case individually and advice our clients on their personal tax situation, explaining in full detail the implications of being Tax Resident in Spain.

Our experience shows us that many residents in Spain continue paying taxes in their countries of origin, because they do not know about the Double Taxation Agreement with Spain. In most cases, this means that the tax office (Hacienda) do not consider their houses here as their main residence, which leads to problems when trying to sell them or when a relative inherits them.

We help our clients understand the Tax System in Spain and the Double Taxation Agreements applications, in order to avoid misunderstandings about where your Tax Residence is.